, mobile auto repair
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What is the cost of diagnosing  my vehicle ?.
We can take a look at your car for a small fee of 40.00 and once the problem is identified

we will consult with you before proceeding and if you decide to proceed the 40.00 fee 
will be credited toward your bill.

What is the turnaround time for a technician to get to me?.
Same day or next day.

On site home or office.

What form of payments do you accept ?.
Visa ,Master card, Visa Check card ,Amex & cash.

Are you a 24 hour service company ?.
No we aren't generally we get started at 8:am until 7:pm Mon. through Sat. and Sunday 9:am until 2:pm.

What makes and model of car do you specialize in ?.
Asian and American.

How long does a repair take ?
1-3 hours.

If the original problem is repaired and another is found am I notified before any more work is preformed ?.
Yes no additional work is performed unless authorized by you.

Do I need to be present while work is being preformed ?.
No when the work is finished we will inform you.

Will Mac Mobile services void my warranty ?.
No we are a licensed repair facility our warranty is just as good as any dealer ship.

Can you give me a exact quote over the phone ?.
Yes call us now .301-343-2464

My car failed MD state inspection what do i do now ?.
Just call for repairs.

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